Man on the Bed Framed Print


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Professional print of artist Mitch. F's painting of Man on the Bed.

The frame is 19" by 15" in size.

(Coins must be ordered separately to fit the frame - Yearly Chip or "Man on the Bed" chip.)

The story of the 'The Man on the Bed 'the third man Bill D

Bill W and Dr Bob found that this gift of sobriety needed to be passed on to keep it.

So Dr Bob rang Akron's City Hospital to see if they had someone with a drink problem that they could maybe help, as they had found a way of staying sober. Dr Bob asked that he be transferred to a side ward and they would be down to visit him.

Bill and Bob went to visit him and talked to him about their drinking and there experience of what had been happening to them since they had meet.
As they were leaving him he ask them if they would come back the next day, which they said yes of course.

When they returned the next day they found him sitting up in bed feeling so much better. He asked what do I do now and Bill and Bob shared with him what they had done and was he willing to go to any lengths?

Which he replied "yes" so he asked his wife for his clothes and he walked out of the hospital a free man never to drink again. He became the third member of Alcoholics Anonymous.

Bill D's story is in the big book titled "Alcoholics Anonymous Number Three"

With the permission of the artist Mitch. F. you can purchase a print copy of the painting hung in The Wilson House in Vermont from Sobriety24.

You can order from this web site or phone 07966257562 for other postage/chip options.
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